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  • Research Fields

    Media experience using 1. Anthropomorphic Media, 2. Environmental Media, and 3. Human Information Media to enrich our mind health, QOL, and happiness for all people including nursary, children, elderly and challanged people.
  • Featurs of Professor

    Worked in NTT Lab. and ATR Lab. with several music composition and arrangement works. Intereted in mind expressions and virtual mind. Started virtual agent and robots themes in her thirties. Based on virtual reality, music, speech synthesis and recognition in past.
  • Features of Members

    They are very free and make their dream into an embodied systems (but there are some obligation for graduation / degrees). Their strong eager and direction to the purpose are veriy effective in creating novel ideas and systems.
  • To make a breakthrough

    It's valuable to make something no one is doing it enable. It's also valuable to discuss and view from another angle some known facts and concepts that someone already did. Your trys and errors in engineering and analysis help to gain knowledge that everyone can apply.
Anthropomorphic Media: Robots and virtual agents that understand social issues of human partners such as mind, interaction, and relationship, that have their own minds and emotions, and that express their own multimodal presentations using emotional/expressive voice, gaze, facial expression, physical contact, etc.
Environmental Media: VR/AR, 3D sound, games, SNS, music, etc. that are used for human-human communication enrichment, experience and perception extention.
Human Media: Concept based on a human as media. Living beings including humans are expressing various internal states of them through their multimodal expressions. To measure, estimate, and change humans' internal states and to make interactive system corresponding to the internal state and context, it is important to well understand the human beings as media.